We would divide all the options with accommodation on 3 types.

1. Guest house is located in a cozy green park on the territory of the KPI campus:

  • Walking distance (~5 min) from the venue of the conference
  • Very small – only 8 rooms
  • 3 double or twin apartments with living room (24 euro/night) + 4 double or twin apartments (17 euro/night) + 1 twin apartment without kitchen (14 euro/night)
  • Own toilet + shower
  • Except for one room, own kitchen with fridge, electric kettle, microwave
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Payment – only cash
  • No breakfast.

Location: Peremohy prospect, 37 B (building №3).

This guest house is closed to outsiders, it is only for guests of our University. The Local Organizing Committee can book it if this option is right for you.


2. Mid-range hotels near the conference venue.

2.1. Cosmopolite Hotel (http://www.booking.com/hotel/ua/cosmopolite.html) – new modern hotel. In fact, it is next to a big shopping center. Price – from 98 euros. This hotel is located approximately 1 km from the conference venue. Therefore, you can use metro (one station) or take a walk.

2.2. Ibis Kiev City Center (http://www.booking.com/hotel/ua/ibis-kiev-shevchenko-boulevard.html) – new good hotel, price – from 60 euros. Two metro stations from the conference venue, but it closer to downtown and a 7-minute walk from Kiev Botanical Gardens.

3. Mid-range hotels in downtown near a metro station.

3.1. Ukraine Hotel (http://www.booking.com/hotel/ua/ukraine.html) – hotel with old Soviet style :), but with amazing views on Khreschatyk and on our world-famous Maidan. Price – from 40 euros. 350 m from metro station, approximately 15-20 minutes by metro to the conference venue.

3.2. Impressa Hotel (http://www.booking.com/hotel/ua/impressa.html) – classic-style hotel in the ancient part of city (Podol). Visitors can take a relaxing walk along the banks of the River Dnieper, just 100 m away. Metro station is 50 m from the hotel, approximately 20-25 minutes by metro to the conference venue. Price – from 68 euros.

If these hotels don’t fit your needs, please use some generic booking service (like www.booking.com) to find a suitable hotel. There is also many private apartments in the center of Kyiv for different prices. If you choose a hotel or apartments not in the center of Kyiv, we would advise to look for a hotel near some metro station.Participants are kindly requested to arrange their own accommodation by contacting the hotel directly. However, if you have any questions or doubts please contact the local organizing committee by email (ammoditkpi@gmail.com) to recommend a hotel for you.